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Whether you value the latest creations from renowned designers around the globe or are motivated by the thoughtful care of conservation, our people are the experts you can trust.

Joel Chown

VP of Sales / Owner

Kyle Chown

VP of Commercial / Owner

Nathanael Chown

VP of Residential / Owner

Ahna Ward

Chief Executive Officer

“I could not survive without the incredible care and wonderful products I get from Chown and Waterworks - especially the amazing knowledge and customer service I get from Robert. I am extremely grateful to you and feel as if I am family too!”

— Barbara Sumner

Family-Owned with Spreading Roots

“We understand that the pressures the contractor, plumber, and designer feel will trickle down to the suppliers, so we involve ourselves in the project holistically as partners genuinely invested in their success.”

— Joel Chown, VP Sales

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The Story of Eleanor Chown


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